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Sinclairs Corners


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The Sinclairs Corners schoolhouse

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Sinclairs Corners was an early settlement in Bruce County. It was named for Archibald Sinclair, a Scottish farmer who had recently settled in Bruce Township.

By the early 1850s, Sinclair had established grist and saw mills. In 1853, his son Peter opened the first post office in the township, known as Bruce P.O. The community went on to add a Presbyterian Church, a school, two small stores and a potashery.

Things were looking very promising for Sinclairs Corners until Norman McInnes opened a new general store about two and a half kilometres south of Sinclair's Corners in what was to become the village of Tiverton. The McInnes store was an instant success and other businesses, as well as the Presbyterian Church, moved to Tiverton to be closer to the store and growing population.

Today the former location of Sinclairs Corners is a modern street lined with suburban style homes. A small historical plaque in one of the yards marks the location of this early, important settlement. The Sinclairs Corners school was closed in 1965 and is now used as a private home.