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Queen Hill


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The Queen Hill Cemetery

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Queen Hill, located in Bruce County, was first settled in the early 1850s. Its principal focus was North Bruce Presbyterian Church which remained active for over 100 years.

Queen Hill, with an average population of around 30, barely qualified as a hamlet. At its height it contained a blacksmith, general store, carpenter, and post office. These were shared with its nearest neighbour Cluny an even smaller settlement located one concession south. The community was served by School Sections 13 and 14.

Today a few small vestiges of Queen Hill still remain. Both schoolhouses still stand. S.S. No. 13 is currently in use as a community centre and S.S. No. 14 sits on privately owned farm property. The manse still stands and is now a private home. Also remaining is the cemetery and a small cairn that marks the place where the North Bruce Church once stood.