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Key Junction


Town site photo

The railway station

Photo: John and Josephine Krystia

Key Junction was a small section village built around 1909. Its purpose was to service the Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) main line and spur line that connected to Key Harbour.

The community began with a station, water tank, coal chute with storage beds to stockpile coal. By 1915 six family homes, a section foreman's house, and a post office, had been added.

Unfortunately the Key Harbour facility was closed in 1916. It remained unused until 1929, when Canadian National Railways (CN) opened a coal dock. Key Junction bounced back to life with the opening of a store in 1930, a school and a fire tower.

After the coal dock closed in 1938, Key Junction began to decline. By 1950, the railway had abandoned line. The section village was closed in 1958.