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Sign commemorating the Centre Bruce Church.

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Gresham, located in Bruce County, was a small scattered rural community of sorts that was first settled around 1855. Unlike most planned communities, concentrated aounr one or two crossroads, Gresham was spread along several concession roads for a distance of several kilometres with farms interspersed between various institutions and businesses.

Gresham contained a number of successful farm based industries, in particular two sawmills that lasted well into the 20th century. Other businesses included a general store, carpenter, blacksmith and wagon shops. There was also a Grange hall.

The focal point of the settlement was the Central Bruce Presbyterian Church (later United Church) where services were also conducted in Gaelic. Fundraising and social events included soirees and garden parties which lasted until the 1940s. A school was shared with the neighbouring community of Willow Creek.

By the 1950s the population had dispersed and the community fell apart. The church and school both lasted until the mid 1960s. Today virtually nothing remains of Gresham's early industries. The church was demolished in the 1960s. The school still stands and is now a private home.