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Behind the old gas station

©Copyright: Jeri Danyleyko

Following the opening of the Elora-Saugeen Road in the mid 1850s, settlers began making their way northward to the lush farmlands of Bruce County.

In those early days, stagecoach travel was rough, treacherous and accident prone. The coaches could rarely travel more than a few kilometres per day. Thus began the era of the simple, outpost, stopping place, where weary travellers could disembark for a meal, good night's rest and recover from any injuries. Parker's first hotel was opened in the mid 1850s. By 1865 Thomas Burns had opened a post office and a few other businesses had moved in.

Parker was never large and it didn't last long. After roads were improved in the early twentieths century, there was little need for numerous stopover towns and Parker declined swiftly. The post office closed in 1929. A few farms continue to occupy the area and the former hotel still remains. A gas station sat derelict for many years before finally being demolished. The old schoolhouse has been renovated and is now a private home.