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Map to Nicholson

How to get there!

Nicholson is for serious ghost town hunters only. Situated in Sudbury District, there are no roads leading to Nicholson. Luckily you can get there using one of several alternate methods.

By Train: You can still travel to Nicholson using Via Rail's Budd Car service. It runs alternately between Sudbury and White River. Nicholson is situated at mile 22, White River Sub on the CPR.

A train goes up (westbound) every second day and a return train (eastbound) runs the following day. The nearest departure point is Chapleau, but one can "flag" the Budd Car anywhere between White River and Sudbury. The Budd car takes cash on site so tickets are not always required. There are many long delays on this train so be prepared and bring snacks and provisions for the train ride.

Obviously there are no accomodations in Nicholson, so you'll have to make your own sleeping and eating arrangements, such as a small tent and Coleman stove. Schedules, ticket prices and route information is available at Via Rail. Tickets can also be purchased online.

By Water: If you have access to a boat and a good navigational map, you're on your way. Lake access is available at The Shoals Provincial Park (approximately 40 kilometres west of Chapleau on Hwy 101), or at Happy Day Lodge at the end of of the Esher-Healey Rd (see "on foot" for road directions).

On Foot: It's a bit of a hike but if you're up to walking, you can reach Nicholson by following the CP Rail tracks.

The nearest departure point is the Happy Day Lodge just east of the tiny village of Esher. To reach the Esher-Healey Road from Chapleau, drive south on Hwy. 129/101 for 11 kilometres to the 101/129 Junction. On the left you'll see Hwy. 129 and on the right Hwy. 101. Turn right and drive 10 kilometres west to the Esher-Healey Rd. Turn right and follow the road (ignore all forks!). Continue to the CPR crossing which will bring you into Esher. The road continues past Esher to its terminus at the Happy Day Lodge.

At the rail crossing park your car and walk the CPR line west to Nicholson. The Happy Day Lodge crossing is at mile 16.97 (17) and Nicholson is at mile 22. It is a five mile (or 7 kilometre) walk to Nicholson. The Nicholson name board is just beyond the mile 22 marker.

Keep a sharp lookout for trains. The new engines are extremely quiet. Leave early! The walk will take you 2 to 2 1/2 hours and there is a great deal to see once you reach the town site.

Nearby centre: Esher 24 kilometres east

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