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Map to Hadlington

How to get there!

Hadlington is located on the southern edge of Haliburton County, close to the border of Peterborough County.

Like all good things, Hadlington is not easy to find. Follow Hadlington Rd. for about 10 kilometres. On your left, you'll see the former schoolhouse, now a private hunt club. Continue for about another kilometre until the road narrows and is no longer passable by regular vehicle. There are two houses located at this point. From there follow the trail on foot.

After about 20 minutes, you'll see the first of the ruins on your left, the remains of a small log cabin with the roof missing. Directly across the road, buried in the trees, lies another home. Continue along the road for another 15 minutes until you reach a large grassy clearing. Walk through the clearing and you'll find the remaining ruins.

The area is not accessible during the winter months and travel following heavy rainstorms is not recommended. Best time to travel is in the spring and fall when the foliage is not so dense. Watch out for snakes!

Nearby centre: Tory Hill. 5 kilometres.

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