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Shiloh was a small milling town in Wellington County. It got its start in the mid 1860s when a young miller named James Huxtable built a sawmill along the Speed River.

Huxtable had grown up in mills and had sawdust in his blood. His father had built the Huxtable Mill back in the 1840. It's not surprising that the mill was an instant success. Following an accident, Huxtable sold the mill to Nicholas Lynett, who dismanteled it, moved it downstream, an opened a grist mill in its place. A school was opened sometime in the 1860s.

By the 1870s, Shiloh added a store and post office. A Grange Hall operated during the 1880s. Shiloh offered little else in the way of commercial activity. The mills lasted until early in the 20th century. After they closed Shiloh fell into a steep decline.

By the 1920s, Shiloh had been reduced to a mere two two dwellings. The others had been jacked up and moved elsewhere.

Today Shiloh still exists as a small rural backwater. One original home and the schoolhouse still stand.