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The former general store and post office

©Copyright: Jeri Danyleyko

Ruskview was a small farming community in Dufferin County, first settled in 1848. Originally known as Black Bank, its name was changed to Ruskview in 1883 after the Black Bank post office was relocated.

Although Ruskview was small, it managed to offer a few services, such as a general store and blacksmith. A sawmill and lumber yard were opened in the late 1890s. There was also a school and an Orange Hall.

The post office closed in 1916, following the arrival of rural mail delivery. The school lasted until the mid 1960s.

All that remains of Ruskview today is the sturdy general store with the attached dwelling, now used as a private home. A small historical sign serves as a reminder of Ruskview's history. The view overlooking the valley is spectacular and worth seeing any time of the year.