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Town site photo

The schoolhouse from around 1971, now used as a seasonal cottage.

Royston, located in the Muskoka District, began as a service and supply centre to serve the burgeoning lumber industry. The community was strategically located near a number of convenient crossroads and waterways.

At its height during the 1890s, Royston contained two stores, a post office, a school, three churches, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist, and an Orange Lodge. The community was doing well and appeared quite prosperous.

Unfortunately Royston's success was short lived. By the end of World War I, the population began to drop and signs of decline set in. The school was the first to close. The trend continued throughout the 20s and 30s. The churches were all gone by the 40s.

Today there is very little left of Royston, other than a few shells and overgrown foundations. Two or three original buildings remain in use.