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Rock Mills


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The recently restored schoolhouse.

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Rock Mills, located in Grey County, was a small farming and milling settlement. It began as a small farm community that didn't even qualify for hamlet status. A sawmill, established in the 1890s, quickly grew into a successful milling and furniture manufacturing facility that thrived for over 60 years.

At its height Rock Mills contained a couple of stores, a post office, a school and a Baptist Church. There was also a busy hotel and tavern about two kilometres west of the community.

Although Rock Mills was never large, it survived until the early 1950s when the mill and factory closed. Today it still supports a small population (listed as 14). The schoolhouse still stands and is now a private home. Also standing is the old hotel, also a private home, and a number of original buildings. The Baptist church remains active but has relocated to a newer building.