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Ponsonby, located in Wellington County, had its start as a small outpost community. First settled around 1840, it was originally known as Thorpville. The settlement had its beginnings as a stopover along the stage run to the Queen's Bush.

During the 1860s, Ponsonby contained a hotel, general store, blacksmith shop, and wagon shop. The post office was first opened in 1853. In 1863 it was moved to the general store and renamed Ponsonby.

Ponsonby was never an extensive or properous community. By the time the railways arrived in the 1880s, its fortunes were beginning to slip. It managed to reinvent itself for awhile as a service and supply centre for the nearby farming community. A school was opened around 1886 and a Methodist church by 1892.

Unfortunately Ponsonby's revitalization was short lived. By the early 20th century, it resumed its slide downward.

Much of the original town site has disappeared due to road widening, however a few small remnants still remain. The hotel still stands and is now used as a private home. Portions of the former store and old post office remain in use. A number of other original homes still stand and remain occupied.