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©Copyright: Jeri Danyleyko

Nemegos, located in Algoma Region, began as a section village on the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) around 1890. At the beginning, all it contained was a station, water tower, siding, a few section homes and about 20 residents.

Things began to pick up in 1916 when a depot was opened to supply the local lumber camps. As more people began to gravitate towards the area, a general store and post office were added. With the opening of a lumber mill around 1924, Nemegos suddenly sprang to life.

At its height, Nemegos boasted a population of close to 100 residents. The community included a school, small hotel, bunkhouse for the single men, and a number of private dwellings. Although the mill closed in early 40s, it was quickly replaced with with a salvaging mill built by the Kormak Lumber Company in 1945.

The salvaging mill lasted until 1957. This time there was no reprieve for the small community. By the mid 60s, the section village was dismanteled and most of the businesses had closed.

Today a tiny handful of residents still call Nemegos home. The community contains a number of abandoned buildings, many of which are used seasonally during the hunting season.