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Mount Horeb


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The Mount Horeb Cemetery

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Mount Horeb, located in Victoria County, was as a small farming hamlet first settled around 1840. A school was in place by 1850 and a post office was opened in 1863. In the 1860s, it contained a population of about 50.

Mount Horeb saw its best days during the 1880s. This may have in part been due to the success of the nearby Feir Mills, built during the 1870s. By then it boasted a blacksmith shop, tannery, general store, hotel, and a Methodist church. At its height Mount Horeb had a population of about 100 people.

Like most farming hamlets, Mount Horeb began to slip during the early 20th century. Improved transportation made it easier for farmers to travel to larger centres.

Today Mount Horeb continues to support a small population, primarily farm-based. The school, which was replaced in 1921, still stands and is used as a private home. The church (now a United Church) remains active and continues to hold regular services.