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Mount Hope


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The Mount Hope United Church

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Mount Hope, located in Bruce County, was a small farming hamlet. The community is not to be confused with Mount Hope, a section of the city of Hamilton, which is far more well-known.

Mount Hope first came to life in the mid 1850s, with the opening of the Queen's Bush territory in southwest Ontario. First established were an early Methodist church and school. They were followed by a post office that operated from 1884 to 1913.

Other than farm-based industries, there was very little commercial activity in Mount Hope. Among its offerings were a cheese factory, blacksmith and several carpenters. Activities during the 20th century were primarily focused around the church and school. The church was on the same circuit as Arkwright and Ebenezer. A Women's Institute was formed in the mid 1950s.

All that remains of Mount Hope today are a number of farm buildings, the school, now a private home and the Mount Hope United Church and cemetery. The church continues to remain active.