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Michael's Bay


Town site photo

A complete view of the former town site.

©Copyright: Yvan Charbonneau

Michael's Bay was a small lumbering community on Manitoulin Island that was established in 1866. The settlement started out small with 20 men. It quickly grew to include about 60 employees, comprised of mill workers, lumbermen, a millwright, carpenter, lighthouse keeper, three coopers and a blacksmith. A lighthouse was built in 1871.

The original company ran into financial trouble after they were unable to increase their timber limits. Following a number of ownership changes, things seem to have improved.

At its height Michael's Bay contained two stores boarding houses, a hotel, taverns, bakery, blacksmith shop and about 15 homes. The community was home to about 150 permanent residents.

Michael's Bay was a single industry community and once the mill closed, there was nothing left to sustain it. Today all that remains is part of the bridge, a few foundations and cellars.