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Magpie Mine


Town site photo

The Magpie Mine around 1918.

Source: Land of the Big Goose

The Magpie Mine, located just north Helen Mine in Algoma, was built in 1911. At first the fledgling mine's fortunes seesawed up and down. That changed quickly with the arrival of the First World War. The necessities of war assured a ready market for iron and by 1915 the mine was in full production.

Shortly after the mine opened, Algoma Ore constructed a small town site for its employees. The community contained 14 duplexes serviced with electricity, water, and sewers, all luxuries in those early days. There were also three bunkhouses, a cookery, and dining hall for the single men. To round things out, there was a small hospital, a school, and root house. At its height, about 600 residents lived in the town site.

The mine remained in production until 1922. A few years after it closed, the structures were removed and sold for salvage.