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Lewisham was a small colonization settlement at the edge of Muskoka that was first settled around 1874. Although it was ostensibly supposed to be a farming settlement, the land was poor and only small portions of it were arable.

Lewisham thrived for awhile. By the mid 1880s it had a post office, store, school, two churches, and a sawmill. During its best days, Lewisham boasted a population of around 150. The residents set up small bush farms and were kept busy shipping hay, lumber, and whatever else they could produce.

By the early 20th century, Lewisham's best days were behind it. The remoteness of the location, poor farming, depletion of the lumber supply were all contributing factors. By 1910, its population had dropped to about 50.

Today very little remains of Lewisham. The schoolhouse, when last seen, was being used as a hunt camp.