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The schoolhouse is now a private home.

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Leadbury was a small farming and postal hamlet in Huron County, first settled in 1851. The unnamed settlement began with a hotel and store that were built around 1860. A school was opened in 1863 and a Methodist church added in 1873. The church was located about halfway between Leadbury and Walton. A post office, under the name of Leadbury, was finally opened in 1877.

Leadbury's post office was busy and serviced most of the farmers living in the area. Since mail was only picked up and delivered weekly, farmers could also pick up provisions at the store and stay in the hotel if they needed overnight respite. By the mid 1880s, Leadbury's population was about 75 and included a carriage maker and blacksmith shop.

Leadbury began to decline in the early 1900s, a victim of changing times. As roads and transporation improved, small postal hamlets like Leadbury lost their usefulness.

Today all that remains of Leadbury is the schoolhouse, now used as a private home. The church was moved a couple of times and eventually ended up in Walton where it is now used as a community hall.