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A small plaque commemmorating the Jamestown store

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Jamestown was an early stopping place, located in Huron County. It first came to life in the mid 1800s and for many years was a popular spot for people travelling on the stage route from Seaforth to Wroxeter.

At its height Jamestown boasted three hotels, and several other businesses including a blacksmith, shoemaker, and a general store. A school was added in 1876. Church services and other community events took place in one of the meeting halls. The first was owned by a Mr. Mills. It was later replaced with a refurbished church that became known as Victoria Hall.

Jamestown began to decline in the early 20th century. The arrival of the railways, improved roads, and competition from larger communities put an end to its usefulness as a stopping off point. With no other businesses or industries to fill the void, Jamestown gradually began to decline.

Today nothing left of the original town site, other than a small plaque marking the location of the former general store.