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The old rail bed

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Henfryn started out as a mill settlement that boomed with the arrival of the railway in 1873. The railway hurriedly set up a small station and freight shed and business began rolling in almost immediately. A post office was opened in 1875 and by 1877 mill owner Edwin Davies had registered a town plan.

By the 1880s Henfryn boasted two hotels, a general store, a pail factory and a broom factory. A brickworks was opened in 1880, along with two churches, Methodist and Anglican, and a school. Later industries included carpet weaving and cider manufacturing. At its peak, Henfryn had a population of about 100.

For whatever reason, Henfryn was not able to compete with rival communities and attract new business. By the early 1900s, signs of decline were beginning to set in as businesses closed or moved to more prosperous centres.

Today very little remains of Henfryn other than a couple of homes which are still occupied.