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Hadlington, named for Joseph Hadley, was a small milling community located in Haliburton County. It was originally settled during the mid 1890s and contained a sawmill, general store, post office and school. Primary occupations in the area were lumbering and farming.

The school was a busy place, and was used for a variety of activities besides education. On weekends it was used for church services and Sunday school. It also served as a theatre and dance hall. Dances in particular were extremely popular in this small remote community. Hadlington was never large and at its height boasted about 30 families.

Hadlington's downfall was a due to the depression in the 1930s. After the mills shut down, there was nothing left to sustain the small hamlet. By the 1940s, it was almost deserted.

Today all that remains of Hadlington are shells and ruins. The only remaining building is the schoolhouse, now owned by a hunt club.