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Grafton Station


Town site photo

Early cannery buildings in 1998. These are now gone.

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Grafton Station was a small station village and company town located just south of the village of Grafton. It was first established in 1904 after the Canadian Northern Railway established a line in Southeast Ontario. Shortly after the railway arrived, the Canada Canning Company opened a plant alongside the tracks, followed by a small company town.

Canada Canning was a major employer in the town of Grafton and the surrounding area for close to 50 years. The facility included a couple of large factories, worker's cabins, a bunkhouse and manager's house.

Today the area, although still somewhat separated from Grafton, is slowly being encroached by new development. A couple of the old factory buildings are still standing, but the worker's cottages and manager's house, that were still standing in the late 1990s, have disappeared. The area still contains a large number of foundations.