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Furnace Falls


Town site photo

The remains of a log cabin located near the original settlement.

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Furnace Falls was a small railway siding and mine site built to accommodate the nearby iron mine in Irondale. It was first settled in 1874 and contained a blast furnace for smelting the ores.

By the early 1880s, Furnace Falls had added a saw and shingle mill. A post office and store were opened in 1883. In 1887 the railway was finally completed from Howland Junction to Irondale. A small flag station and siding were opened in Furnace Falls.

The mine in Irondale was not a success. By 1900 it was closed and Furnace Falls didn't last much beyond that. The post office remained open until 1967. Today only traces remain of where Furnace Falls once stood. The falls themselves, which were not located on the actual town site, remain a popular tourist attraction.