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Fossmill was located on the north shore of the Wasi River, about 25 kilometres east of Powassan. It began as a depot site in 1891 but didn't really take off until Bill Foster added a sawmill in 1902.

Things began to boom in 1915 after the Canadian Northern Railway (later CN) laid down track. A small prefab station and siding were quickly added. By then the community consisted of a mill, office, blacksmith shop, store and privately run boarding house. The property was sold to the Fasset Lumber Company in 1924.

Fasset immediately begn to expand the operation. The mill was enlarged, a lath and picket mill added and a new railway station was built. Other improvements included a new bunkhouse, additional houses, a larger store and a gas pump. A school and Catholic church were also added. At its height, an average of 175 people lived in the town site.

Fossmill was hit with a number of devastating fires that started in 1929. Coupled with a severe cash crunch during the great depression, the company was hurting badly. A third fire in 1934 finally put an end to things. With timber limits rapidly drying up, the company decided to pack it in. Many of Fossmill's employees later relocated to Kiosk about 23 kilometres east.

Today very little remains of this once thriving town site. A number of foundations can still be found in the bush.