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The Dunblane Presbyterian Church

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Dunblane, located in Bruce County, was first settled in the early 1850s. A post office was opened in 1856, and a small frame church was built in 1859. Other businesses included an inn, a store and a sawmill. There was also a blacksmith, veterinarian and weaver. Both the spellings of Dunblane and Dumblane were used.

The majority of Dunblane's population listed their occupation as farming. One of the farmers, James Rowand, became active in politics. After serving as reeve for a number of years, he served as a Liberal MP from 1887 - 1896. A school was finally opened in the early 1880s.

The village thrived for a number of years until the mill closed. The school lasted until 1967 and the church until 1968. The church still stands and is now designated as an historical structure. The school is now a private dwelling.