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Cooper's Falls


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Cooper's Falls was first settled by Thomas and Emma Cooper, who arrived from England in the mid 1860s. By the 1870s, an increase in immigration brought more people to the area and a small settlement began to form.

The hamlet grew to include a schoolhouse and a general store, built by the Coopers. A post office was added in 1878. Two churches, Methodist and Anglican, were built side by side, two kilometres west of the village.

By the 1880s road access had improved and railway stations were built in nearby Washago and Severn Bridge. The village also included a lumber mill, blacksmith, cheese factory and town hall, which also served as a "court house."

The bulk of Thomas Cooper's business was derived from the lumber trade. The area was filled with lumber camps and Cooper became a major supplier to the lumberjacks heading up to the camps. The village began to decline once the lumber supplies were depleted.

Today a small population continues to reside in Cooper's Falls. The general store, with its old gas pump, closed in 1968, but still stands and is well maintained. Also standing are the town hall and shed, both churches, and a number of other structures. Many of Thomas and Emma's descendants continue to live in the area.