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Collins Inlet


Town site photo

Remains of mill site

Source: Killarney promo pamphlet, 1986

Collins Inlet was a small lumber mill settlement, first started in 1868. In 1886 the mill got a big boost when it was purchased by John Bertram, a former politician, and lumber man. Bertram promptly enlarged the mill and expanded the town site. Eventually the town site included a boarding house, cottages, company store, post office, school and boat works.

Bertram was a proponent of responsible lumbering who advocated for responsible harvesting, reforestation, and the establishment of protected areas near rivers and around unstable grounds. Although his opinions were very much in the minority, he put his beliefs into practise and the mill remained profitable until 1918, when it was destroyed by fire. The town site was abandoned shortly after that.

Collins Inlet experienced a revival of sorts with the opening of the Mahzenazing River Lodge. A number of the old buildings were converted to guest houses and became part of the lodge.

Today Collins Inlet is only accessible by boat. A number of ruins, along with a few buildings can still be found.