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Blezard Mine


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The former town site

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The Blezard Mine, located just north of the city of Sudbury, was first developed by the Dominion Nickel Company (DNC) in 1889. Early shareholders included James Worthington, a railway contractor and mine owner, and John Ferguson, founder and later mayor of the city of North Bay.

By 1890 the company had built a shaft, a rock house, roast yard, and smelter to process the ores. A town site that included 20 log homes, a boarding house, store, warehouse, and school were erected that same year. By 1891, the mine employed almost 300 people.

The Blezard Mine only operated for three short years. In 1893, the DNC was experiencing financial problems and closed the mine. The smelter remained in operation as it was still being used for the Worthington Mine mine.

Today nothing remains of the town site. Visitors to the area can still see the old mine, location of the smelter and roast yard sites, and a considerable amount of debris.