Archival Broadcasts

CBC Archives
Historic radio and television broadcasts starting from 1952. Includes footage of the villages before inundation and a televised broadcast of the actual event. Be sure to click on the timeline at the top of the page. A must see ... but wait - there's more!

Additional clips on the St. Lawrence Seaway from the CBC Archives

Relicensing the St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project
Broadcasts from North Country Radio on the American side.

Remembering the Lost Villages
Video presentation from the Globe and Mail

For Divers

Aquadyne Skin & Scuba Diving Club Dive
Information on the Mille Roches Power House

Lock 21
From Save Ontario Shipwrecks

Personal site
Includes dive information on the locks, Mille Roches Powerhouse and Black Donald mine.

Save Ontario Shipwrecks Diver's Guides
Diver's guides to the Mille Roches power house and Lock 21

Barne's Creekhttp://web.ripnet.com/~mbkerr/index.htm
Local weather information


Bedington Genealogical Site
Interesting biographies on Ova William Jacob and Verna Marcella, both of whom grew up in the area.

Dundas County gen web

Stormont County gen web

Historical information and perspectives

Historical Sketches. The Canals of Canada
From Canals of the United States and Canada Chapter I. - at the University of Rochester. Includes a section on the Cornwall Canal.

Cornwall Public Library
A huge collection of images from the Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry Historical Society. A number of them are featured on this site, however there is much more to see.

Legion Magazine
A perspective and overview written by Les McLaughlin. Very thorough.

Ault & Wiborg Co.
History on the company owned by Levi Addison Ault.

The Morrisburg and District Historical Society.
Offers a detailed history on Morrisburg and information on the popular Morrisburg Walking Tours.

Partners in the Past
From the University of Toronto Anthropology Department. Covers the digs and and artifacts found in Ault Park just before the flooding.

The Ship's List
Details on the Cornwall Canal from 1862.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
A bio of Michael Cook; the Aultsville farmer who imported the first Holstein cattle into Canada.

Thousand Island Life
A series of essays devoted to the Lost Villages.

Places to visit

Lost Villages Historical Society
Their museum and archives are open to the public. Includes a number of restored buildings and archival documents. Information on summer bus tours.

Morrisburg to Cornwall
An overview of all points of interest along old Highway 2.

The St Lawrence Parks Commission
The official site covering all the services and facilities offered by the parks.

Upper Canada Village
Includes a number of restored buildings.


The St. Lawrence Deep Waterway Project: A Canadian View of Its Economic Aspects
Text of a speech made to the Empire Club by Professor W.W. Goforth on March 22, 1928.

An Address by Robert Hood Saunders, C.B.E., K.C.
Text of a speech made to the Empire Club on March 25, 1948

Your Hydro Chairman Reports
Text of a speech made to the Empire Club by Robert Hood Saunders on January 27, 1949

The Case for the St. Lawrence Power Project
Text of a speech made to the Empire Club by Robert Hood Saunders on October 11, 1951.

Great Canadian Rivers - The St. Lawrence River
Overview and history

Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System
The official site for the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Ontario Power Generation
A detailed profile and history of the Robert H. Saunders Dam

The St Lawrence Seaway
A Government of Canada funded site covering the history and construction.