Copyright and credits

Copyright and sources

All text was developed by Jeri Danyleyko using information compiled from a variety of sources. These include websites, publications and various archival databases. Although the information was cross-checked through two or more sources, some inaccuracies may exist. In cases where dates, facts or spellings differed, we have used the version that seemed to be the most logical.

The archival images were obtained from several different sources including The Lost Villages Historical Society, The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Historical Society, private and personal collections and other sources as indicated.

The archival town plans and maps were obtained through McGill University's Digital Collections Program.

Sources for the 1950s re-creation came from a Canadian Oil Companies road map copyright by Rolph Clark Stone, Ltd. Toronto and the Ontario Motor League Road Book (1955 - 1956). The source used for the 2004 re-creation was MapArt Publishing Town & Country Map for Eastern Ontario.

The new image galleries are based on a sample available on CSS Play.

Special thanks!

Special thanks to Ian Bowering, Curator of the S.D. & G. Society, and John Vanbaal at the Lost Villages Historical Society for permission to reproduce many of these images and for their painstaking research on the area. Special thanks also goes to Jason Bray and John Vanbaal for the use of some of their personal images and to Eric Rice for the detailed information on the Wales fire.

Copies of images from the S. D. & G. Historical Society can be purchased at very reasonable prices. They don't have a website but you can reach them by telephone at (613) 936-0842 and by mail at P.O. Box 773, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 5T5. They're located at 160 Water Street in Cornwall and are open to the public, Wednesday to Sunday, year round, with the exception of Christmas.

The Lost Villages Historical Society collection is on public display in their museum at Ault Park. Directions, opening dates and times are available on their website at http://www.lostvillages.ca

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