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East View
Cordova Village - looking east

Cordova Mine is in Belmont Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, about 112 miles east of Toronto, easily reached by Canadian Pacific Railway, nearest station Havelock, which is only 12 miles from Cordova and connected by good wagon road. Cordova is easily reached from Toronto in four to five hours.

Cordova can also be reached over Grand Trunk Railway via Trenton and Canadian Northern Railway, by way of Marmora; this latter Railway company has a branch line to Cordova over which heavy freight is hauled, but no passenger service as yet; it will thus be seen that Cordova is well served with transportation facilities.

Nearly all of Cordova Village is on the Company's property; this has been surveyed and registered as a "Townsite" and a number of lots have been sold to employees and business men, who have built homes and stores upon them.

West View
Cordova Village - looking west
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