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Outcrop Central Vein
Outcrop Central Vein

The country rock is a course grained diorite and gabbro, highly mineralized, pyrite occurring freely in the rock, these rocks are intersected by numerous fissures now occupied by ore deposits.

The veins consist of quartz and chloretic schist, impregnated with iron pyrite and in places, pyrrhotite.

The gold in these veins is found to be free, yielding readily to simple method of treatment, giving a high extraction at low cost.

The gold is associated with the pyrite, this, therefore, serves as a guide.

The veins are strong, well defined and persistent, varying in width from 8 to 50 feet, and some of these have been traced for the full length of the property, a distance of one and one quarter miles.

Briefly summing up under this most important heading it can be said without hesitation, that there are twelve veins traceable by outcrops and three veins so far have been found having no outcrops, making fifteen known veins, some of these can be readily traced for over a mile, all are of large size, a conservative average would be ten feet in width.

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