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1200 HP Hydro-Pneumatic and Elecric
Cordova Mines Power Plant—1200 H.P. Hydro-Pneumatic and Elecric.
The Cordova Mine has its own Hydro, Pneumatic and Electric power development of 1,200 horse power, located at Deer Lake, three miles from Cordova. This development is made by two concrete dams at the foot of Deer Lake, forming a reservoir about one-half mile wide by three miles long, the supply of water coming from a chain of lakes and rivers, extending about sixty miles north, and these upper lakes are controlled by three additional dams.

The water from the Deer Lake dam is conveyed through a six-foot flume, a distance of 1,550 feet, giving a head of 74 feet, at the power house, where it drives two turbines of 800 and 400 horse power, respectively.

The 800 horse power turbine drives by means of thirty endless cotton ropes, a large two-stage air compressor, having a capacity of 5,000 cubic feet of free air per minute.

The air is conveyed throough three miles of twelve-inch steel pipe to the mine at one hundred pounds pressure per square inch.

Spillway Deer Lake Dam
Spillway Deer Lake Dam
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