Ghost Towns of British Columbia
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Valley of the Ghosts

Deep in West Kootenay’s mountainous terrain is the Valley of the Ghosts, once a rip roaring locale for pioneer silver prospectors and entrepreneurs. The valley is arguably the most famed locale for ghost towns in Canada. The area is book ended by Kootenay Lake in the east and Slocan Lake in the west - linked by the 47-kilometre long Hwy. 31A.

The heart of the Valley of the Ghosts was Sandon, once a city of more than 5,000 miners and their families. Throughout the valley dozens of towns and camps sprang at the turn of the 20th century but all fell victim to the ghosts when silver markets crashed.
Today, all the towns and camps are deserted and lay in ruins. They have faded into history. A few hang on in Sandon but its glory days have long past. The ghosts have taken over.

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