Ghost Towns of British Columbia
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At a height of almost 40 metres and with a maximum inside diameter of almost four metres, the smokestack at Anaconda – built more than a century ago, was once hailed as the tallest in the province. Built by the B.C. Copper Company, the chimney was constructed at around with almost 250,000 bricks.

Anaconda’s history dates back to 1894. Two years later the town, located in the Boundary Country – one kilometer south of Greenwood and eight kilometers southwest of Phoenix, boasted a sawmill, two hotels, two general stores, a bakery, a hardware store, a post office and many other amenities. But even in its early years Anaconda was a town that could not receive respect from locals.

Anaconda Smokestack
Anaconda Smokestack

By 1900 there was a strong movement from Greenwood to annex Anaconda but ratepayers voted did vote it down. However, Anaconda still lived in the shadow of Greenwood and most area residents considered it nothing more than suburb of its northern neighbor.

Long after it’s best copper producing days passed, Anaconda still existed as a separate legal community, but few cared or noticed. Today, the smokestack, which has ceased to operate for decades, is the most important lasting reminder of the community.    Photos by Johnnie Bachusky.

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