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Along the main trail to Lille, about 15 minutes from the townsite, there is a faint path leading to the town's mysterious cemetery. Little is known about this pioneer graveyard except it is believed about a dozen former citizens and miners were buried at the site. Today, there is only one tombstone still standing. As of 2001, according to a provincial government spokesperson, no one has stepped forward to seek government assistance or funding to preserve the final remnants of the pioneer cemetery.

Pioneer cemetery
Lille's mysterious cemetery can be found in a forest off the main trail leading to the townsite. Little is known about the pioneer graveyard.
©Johnnie Bachusky
Only recognizable gravesite Rusted pail hangs near a Lille grave
©Johnnie Bachusky
A rusted out pail from pioneer times hangs from a tree near a Lille grave. 
Memorial plaque nailed to tree
©Johnnie Bachusky
The only recognizable gravesite left in the Lille cemetery.
A memorial plaque nailed to a tree at the Lille cemetery.
©Johnnie Bachusky
Ghost Towns of Alberta thanks Jane Ross for her kind assistance and co-operation during the research of Lille. Ms. Ross, along with William Tracy, are co-authors of their successful book, 'Hiking the Historic Crowsnest Pass' (Rocky Mountain Books).