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Buffalo Jump
Along the Trans-Canada Highway, 40 kilometres east of Strathmore in southeast Alberta, an old Canadian Pacific Railway train station sits forlornly on prairie grass. The boarded up building, last used in the 1970s, is at a little used intersection, known only to visitors as Buffalo Jump, after an abandoned arts and crafts store meters away. The dusty train stop also had the company of a garage and service station, which now too sits with the prairie ghosts in the hot summer sun, derelict and long-forgotten.
CPR Station CPR Station
© Johnnie Bachusky
© Johnnie Bachusky 
Above left and right: Abandoned CPR train station at Buffalo Jump.
Log books inside say the station was used in the 1970s.
Arts and crafts store

At left, abandoned arts and crafts store at Buffalo Jump.

Right: Store with old CPR train station in background.

Arts and crafts store with CPR station in background
© Johnnie Bachusky  © Johnnie Bachusky  
Abandoned garage Abandoned service station
© Johnnie Bachusky 
© Johnnie Bachusky  
Above left and right: Abandoned garage/service station buildings at Buffalo Jump.